Our Journalists

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Cassidy Chisholm

Hello everyone! My name is Cassidy Chisholm and I am a third-year journalism student. I am from the small village of Chipman, New Brunswick but I moved to Fredericton to go to school at St. Thomas University.

Alongside working at Sobeys for the past two years, I work at my hometown’s paper the Grand Lake Mirror and I am also this year’s Features editor at STU’s paper, The Aquinian (so I have three jobs and no life).

My hobbies include listening to the same album for the past two years and making too many lists.

After graduating I would like travel the world and writing and editing stories in written and video form.

Shannon Cornelius

Hey! So, I’m from the small town of Cambridge, Nova Scotia. If you don’t know where that is don’t feel bad, no one ever does. It’s in the Annapolis Valley which is about an hour outside of Halifax.

I have an addiction to coffee, and a love of photography and music. Very often you can find me with a coffee in my hand and headphones in my ears. I love to sit in a comfy chair with a good coffee and listen to music. I’ve got a very eclectic taste in music, everything from rock and alternative to country and pop.

I hate being in front of a camera, but I love being behind one. If there is a flower growing somewhere as I walk by, chances are I’m going stop and take a picture of it. I also enjoy taking sports photos, and writing about sports games. My dream job is to work for a major sports team in their communications department or as a journalist.

I am currently the sport editor for the Aquinian, but I also work at Sobeys. I spent my summer working for a local radio station from my hometown and it helped strengthen my love for journalism and broadcast media. I hope that whatever I do and wherever I end up in the future, it involves writing and producing.

Nada Ratmi

My name is Nada Ratmi and I am currently finishing my degree in Journalism & Communications. I was born in Morocco but have lived in Canada my entire life. Also, I am completely fluent in French and English. In the past, I have interned for CJPN 90.5 FM, worked for Fresh U, Crepe Delicious& Froshberg Gelato, and have been the Junior Communication Officer for the Hanwell Municipality (check out the Hanwell Harold!).


My hobbies include writing, reading, hiking, photography, volunteering, and travel. My passport is filled with memories I have from exploring different cultures. Although I have had to change my passports trice, I never throw them away.

In the future, I hope to work in a New Media company somewhere along the lines of Nas Daily or be a communications officer for a non-profit organization.

Haley Stairs

Hello! I’m a third-year journalism student here at St. Thomas University. I grew up in Noonan, which is debatably in the sticks, and then moved 6ish years ago closer to town.

Up until grade 11, I was planning on taking interior design but changed my mind to journalism. After years of driving past the CBC building and seeing the St. Thomas Journalism sign out front, I was always intrigued- which is why I’m here now.

I’m currently planning on double majoring in journalism, communications and public policy and possibly minoring in women and gender studies. At the end of my university experience, I hope to have a career in broadcast journalism or a communications director for a company. Whether it’s in front of the camera/microphone or behind them, I think I would thoroughly enjoy it.

Beyond the classroom, I’m a manager at Dairy Queen on the North Side. When I’m not working, I’m either listening to music, binge watching YouTube videos, trying to be on the ball with school work (sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing), coming up with bad puns, or begrudgingly at the gym.

*Despite the photo of me wearing a Boston Red Sox hat, I’m not an actual fan. I don’t even watch baseball, I was just having a bad hair day.


Before you ask… Yes, I’m French !
My name is Allison and I grew up in Bathurst, NB. I’m here now in Freddy beach, studying journalism and sociology at St Thomas university. When I am not writing cheesy headlines or playing volleyball, you can find me in cute coffee shops or cruising

Allison Roy

around in my 2005 Honda civic. My friends could tell you, i lives for the little things. Anything that involves tea, country music or the beach will me “the happiest person in the world. Also, I am an aspiring journalist, probably because I’ve always been so fascinated by human beings. I believe that everyone out there has a story, and I just want to live a weird , long, happy life discovering those and sharing them the best that I can!