Tommies Defeat Blue Devils at Home

Sunday afternoon brought the University of Kings College Blue Devils to face off against the St. Thomas Tommies in men’s basketball action. 

The Tommies set the pace at the beginning of the game by winning the tip-off. 

Taking an early lead from with the help of stolen passes and the three point shot, the Tommies were leading by as much as 10 in the first quarter.

However, some unforced errors and missed shots by the Tommies caused the Blue Devils to tie the game.

It wasn’t long though until the Tommies were back in the lead. At half time the score was 41-30 in favour of the Tommies.

In the third quarter, Tommies player Sam Drummond shoved an opposing player, however, the call was in favour of the Tommies. The Blue Devils’s coach wasn’t happy with the refereeing and the two had an exchange.

The two teams continued to compete, but the Tommies kept the lead the entire game.

Thanks to accurate shooting and well executed passes, the final result was a win for the Tommies, 84-62. Thanks to the win, the men improve to a 2-4 record.