Don’t get caught off guard this season. Start prepping for winter in the Fredericton area.

When preparing for the winter season in the Maritimes it has become a guessing game for residents.

Last winter New Brunswick saw very mild weather according to Claude Côté, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist for Environment Canada.

“… right now the indications are pointing that the temperature regime will be above normal…”

New Brunswick is seeing a winter like last year so far, meaning that there will be periods of extreme winter conditions along with mild.

Warrens shop in Oromocto, N.B.  Photo by: Troy Glover

However, there has been a lack of snowfall in the Fredericton area, while the northern parts of the province has already seen some snow.

Even with the lack of snow it is important for residents to not be caught off guard without essential tools for the winter season.

The Fredericton area’s first snow fall appeared Tuesday of last week; Chris Warren, owner of C.B. Warren’s Auto Care, Oromocto, hasn’t seen an increase in tire changes.

Snowblowers lined up and ready to serve.   Photo by: Troy Glover

“This year it’s been slow actually…”

“Usually what you do is you’ll find a big bunch of people who will come in as soon as you get a little bit of snowfall.

Resident’s shouldn’t be finding themselves without basic equipment when the large snowfalls start to hit the province.

Items including snow shovels will help with that pesky snow loitering in your driveway. Salt to take away slippery ice that is a hazard to you and the people around you. Ice scrapers are a friend to have when you want to get that frost off the car windshield so you can grab your morning coffee.

Tiny ice scraper   Photo by: Troy Glover

Even if snow may not be very present now, you don’t want to be the only one not prepared. Côté agrees that people in the Maritimes should be ready even with the mild conditions.

“…actually winter in the Maritimes will definitely have some significant snowfalls, snow storms, and some of them will probably cause some blizzard conditions.”



Environment Canada’s 7 Day Forecast