Pet Expo: The Best Place To Make Friends Among Animals

For local animal lovers, the Pet Expo is a perfect place to get social and see the latest product and service in the Maritimes.

Hundreds of people showed up at the Capital Exhibit Centre for the eighth annual Pet Expo. It has tremendous support from local pet lovers, and it became a ritual to hang out with the precious one.

Real estate agent Rebecca Steeves was talking a stroll around the Expo with two standard poodles, Feefy the mother and Molly the daughter. They are 13 and six years old.


Two well-trained standard poodles sit down for the photo shot after listening to owner’s order. Photo Credit: Vincent Jiang


“I actually came to lend my dog for a photo shooting demonstration here today to a friend, because they are fairly trained and behave,” said Mr.s Steeves. “they are easy to work with people when they want to do a demo.”

More than 35 companies from the Maritimes came with innovative service and product. Among the showcase booths, a golden poodle carries a doll in his mouth and stands in front of the River Valley. He’s one exemplary obedient dog.


River Valley helps pet owners give orders to their dogs with humanity and scientific trainings. Proto Credit: Vincent Jiang


Mary Wood is a retired nurse. After retirement, she joined the River Valley Club with the trait of caring to help more pets to behave with discipline.

“We are basically an obedience training club now,” said Mrs. Wood. “We help people to train their dogs, mostly through the basics of the obedience. We have basics, intermediate and advanced that built on each other to help people to train their dogs to be really good keen, high citizens.”

The Pet Expo is packed with animal lovers and animals who come to meet more friends. For those of you who want to get a pet, come to SPCA and show some love.