Inside the Community Closet: Fredericton’s Free Clothing Store

A new clothing shop has opened in downtown Fredericton with prices so low; they are actually giving their clothes away.

The Community Closet in downtown Fredericton gives away free clothes to everyone, no matter their income.

Originally named Career Closet, the shop was started by the YMCA to give suits to those in need, whether it was for court or work.

They received a large variety of clothing donations, so when they moved into the basement of the Multicultural Center they changed their name to something more indicative of what they had to offer.

Katie Haggerty, Community Closet Coordinator 


Katie Haggerty runs the closet and says while it is open to everyone, some are reluctant to use it.

“We had a big donation last year from UNB students, which was wonderful,” said Haggerty. “…I said to them ‘guys feel free to come,’ but it was almost like they felt like they shouldn’t, and I don’t want people to feel that way.”

While it is open to everyone the shop is frequented by refugees and immigrants who need help providing for their families.

Banni Natty, a refugee from Liberia, says that the store has helped her a lot.

Banni Natty, Liberian refugee and Community Closet Customer 

“It’s very nice, I’m very happy,” said Natty. “…Especially with the refugee, who don’t have money, no family or loan. To come here and take some things, free.”

The only thing the Community Closet asks of their customers is to bring their own bags, if possible. Haggerty says this is to help keep the shop environmentally friendly.

“There’s so much stuff on our planet now that gets tossed out and so if you have clothing that still has life in it, bring it here, and it will find a home for itself, for sure,” said Haggerty.