Halloween 2016: young people’s new celebration

The fear of clown has been rising after the pranks went viral on the internet, but on this weekend, young people are still dressing up and celebrating Halloween with their best friends.

Vampires, Devils, and pickles. Tons of wild creatures have revived from the human flesh to spend the time of superstition. In the Halloween tradition, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts, but the culture seems changed from the past and people have new ways to celebrate this festival. Although Halloween was on Monday, a lot of young people have decided to celebrate on the weekend.

A UNB student Dylan Renouf decided to hang out with friends on the weekend because he has too many exams later on next week to celebrate then.


Dylan Renouf thinks Halloween has become a social thing among young people


“Before I came to university, [Halloween] was something that we go and collect candy,” said Renouf. “But now it is kind of like a social thing, so as it stands now, we usually drink, go out, and have a good time for Halloween.”

The infamous clown has always been the popular choice of a costume, but in this year, you won’t see many clowns on the street, and people have comments on the fear of the clown.

“I think it[people don’t dress up as a clown] is because they don’t want to get hurt by people thinking that they are the clowns that want to hurt other people,” Julia said.


The cave man does not appreciate the clown prank on the internet 


“I am not really afraid of them,” said cave man, a UNB student who came to S club to celebrate Halloween. “I mean, if I saw one, I be like ‘what are you freaking doing man’, like ‘grow up, what are you doing, get off the side of the road’.”

The weather may be cold in this weekend, but people are passionate about the Halloween 2016 and dressing up to celebrate with fears and cheers.