Trump or Clinton: Canada’s Thoughts

On November 8, the United States will decide if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will become the next president.

No other election in history has been covered more closely than this one. Clinton is being investigated by the FBI, while Trump’s wild words keep getting him in hot water with left-wing supporters. “Nasty woman,” “Not my type,” “Gonna build the wall, and Mexico’s gonna pay for it!” are just some of Trump’s sayings that are under fire. Hillary Clinton can’t take ownership for her failures in Benghazi, and her Clinton Foundation is looking more and more like a corrupt gong-show.

Hillary Clinton, Democratic Presidential Nominee.  Photo: CNN

With all of this craziness going on next door, I wanted to find out what Canadians thought of the election.

I parked my car behind McGee House. I picked up my camera and tripod and walked to the STU’s courtyard. After setting up my camera, I waited for people to walk by. “Hey, do you hate Trump?” I would ask passers by. They would either say “yes” or “no” or something rude toward Trump.

Many in the courtyard were camera shy. However, those who were smoking didn’t have a problem talking to me. The interviewee’s common response: “I don’t like either one.”

Clinton’s campaign is mainly followed by African Americans, feminists, and academics. Trump’s followers are mostly white, poor, rural folk who feel their voices have been silent for too long. It’s hard to tell who’ll win the election, since the polls say the race is nearly tied with Clinton barely ahead. With Clinton’s recent email scandal revived, her numbers have dropped.

Donald Trump, Republican Presidential nominee.  Photo: Huffington Post

Earlier this spring I traveled to Charleston, SC for vacation. The Southerners I talked to had the similar view of Canadians: “We don’t like either one.” Although not totally supportive of either candidate, they would add “But we can’t support Hillary. She’s a liar.” Not long after, I was in Maine at a grocery store. A man in a red station wagon parked beside us as we loaded our car. He started talking to us, and we asked him about the election. He dumped on Trump while saying Clinton “has the chops for the job.” People in the South and Midwest support Trump, while people in the North, Northwest, and Southwest support Clinton.

As a Canadian, I’m glad I’m not part of the American election. Both candidates have been investigated for corruption, both have lied numerous times, and both change their message and opinion when the public will support the opposite view. Let’s hope our American neighbours make the right decision on election day. Four years is a long time.