The Graffiti Movement in Fredericton

If a human being can have tattoos on body, then graffiti must be the tats for the city.

Fredericton has a few iconic spots for the graffiti movement. By the bar in the tannery, near Chez Riz, a hidden space that has illustrations and tags embedded in the wall was established as a sacred sanctuary for local graffiti artists.

Cameron Tarrant, a first-year student and a graffiti enthusiast, thinks Graffiti is a solid part of the city.

Cameron Tarrant wants more people to appreciate the glamours of graffiti art

“I think graffiti is a staple for a lot of cities, and Fredericton is no different. Fredericton has graffiti, and just like New York or wherever else. It’s important.”

Right next to 520 Queen St., an alley with a gigantic doodle happens to be the most iconic spot for downtown graffiti artists.

“This is where the eastside board supply used to be, the local skateboard shop,” said Tarrant.  “A long time ago when they first made it, a lot of graffiti artists from around Canada, they came to do a bunch of pieces. A lot of these are really big names and graffiti things.”

The infamous “Fancy Boys” is a local graffiti crew which has been writing for several years. They call themselves “writers” to make sure that nobody knows what they are talking.

Graffiti is also a risky job, especially when police patrols on the street with siren.

G-tex has been writing for six years, and he is one of the OG in “Fancy Boys”

“People on the streets call me ‘G-tex.’ I was interrogated by cops before, but they didn’t have too much information, so I walked away clean,” said G-tex.

The government can refurbish the wall, but it can’t stop this movement and the real street talents. The graffiti movement is slowly emerging, and people in Fredericton is starting to realize the existence of graffiti and pay their respect to these street artists.

G-tex said, “It[Graffiti] is like proving to the world that you don’t need money or you don’t need anything except your two hands, to prove that you can run the world.”