Senior’s lives in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is tied with Nova Scotia as the nation’s oldest provincial population.

In every city, town, and village of New Brunswick you will find a senior in . Nobody knows the reason why the province is so old. Winters are cold and money is scarce. Maybe it’s the landscapes. Maybe it’s because of the large number of fellow seniors. Nobody really knows.

For the first time in history, Canada’s population has more seniors than children; there are more people over 65 than there are under 13. This is relevant in Fredericton. Drive to the city’s north-side Brookside Mall and seniors are the main demographic. Fredericton houses two assisted-living centres, plus eight nursing homes, housing thousands.

Moving into a nursing home or an assisted living centre can be challenging for a senior. Many feel their freedom is being taken away, they’re getting old, they’re unwanted, and other negative feelings. However, seniors are more than that- they’re living history.

One senior that made the move to an assisted living centre was Glenna Robinson. Glenna grew up in Fredericton and has lived in the city her entire life. Because of dizzy spells and confidential reasons, Glenna knew that living on her own was no longer a possibility. She had been taken to Oromocto Hospital in June 2015. Before that, Glenna was living in her apartment on Dundonald Street. While in the hospital, Glenna realized her time to leave “home” had come.

Glenna now enjoys living in her studio apartment at assisted living centre Ste. Anne’s Court. Here Glenna’s medication is easy to understand and access, here meals are always prepared and served in the dining hall, and she has the freedom to come and go as she pleases. She still has all the freedom as before, but also has the care that she deserves.

“I love it here. I can’t say anything bad about this place.” Glenna said.