Sarah Betts

I’m a small-town kid from Clark’s Corner, N.B. with plans for myself bigger than my hometown but a heart that will always stay there.

What started my love for journalism is my knack for putting words together. I have always loved writing from the time I could do it. From short stories to songs, diary entries to poems, and now news and features — it’s what I know I was born to do.

More than that, I love to know things. I love learning everything I can about anything there is, and then educating people about it. Journalism is the one thing that has satisfied my undying curiosity about life, people, and the stories behind it all.

I work as news editor of STU’s student publication The Aquinian, promotions for 105.3 The FOX, and I’m also a web writer for CBC New Brunswick.

I’m a music-lover, a fitness-doer, and would-be Marlon Brando and Janis Joplin lovechild.