Fredericton Takes Aim At New Bus App

Bus users in Fredericton have been left in the dark in recent years, at least technology wise. A new transit app is looking to change that, and its name is ReadyPass.

The app is set to launch this summer, following the beta testing phase it is currently in. It will feature things such as GPS Tracking and trip-planning software. It will also notify users if the bus service is cancelled for the day due to inclement weather or emergency situations.

This comes a bit late compared to other cities in the region, but only because the previous attempts at a transit app had failed.

NextBus for Saint John Riders

The last app launched by Fredericton Transit was goFred MyTransit, and it has since been outdated as it was built only for iOS, and hasn’t been updated in recent years. Contrast this to the fully functioning apps for users in Moncton and Saint John, such as NextBus.

It was developed by graduates of UNB Fredericton who had heard one too many complaints about the lack of a bus-tracking app and opted to do something about it.

“We realized that the first thing
we should focus on is building a way to easily figure out which bus to take and when to get on” said Alex Kall, Business Development Manager for ReadyPass.



Speaking with some bus users in Fredericton, it was clear that was a desired feature, as well as notifications about delayed or cancelled bus service.

“I think it could be really useful…since sometimes you can be waiting outside in the freezing cold” said one user.1233

Fredericton’s Transit Manager, Darren Charters said “[ReadyPass] came to us with a great idea. They pitched something to me which nobody else had. So we began working with ReadyPass…”