Don’t fear the green beer

The beer last Thursday was green, normally that would be a cause for concern, but not on St. Patricks day.

“St. Patricks day is customarily Irish religious holiday that fell during the time of lent,” said Lorraine Nolan, a Irish studies professor at St. Thomas university, “you could break your lent vows on this religious holiday, which led to people having a bit of drink.”

And some people took full advantage of the holiday and got in the spirit of the catholic Irish tradition.

Dolan’s Pub is a popular spot to drink any night, but especially on St. Patrick’s day.

Local bars like Klub Khrome and The Capital, which normally have lines out the door, looked like ghost towns in comparison to the Irish themed Dolan’s Pub.

The festivities started as soon as the doors opened at 11 a.m. with green beer all ready to go. You could enjoy the special St. Patty’s day burger ‘The Dubliner’ while listening to live music from the Durty Nelly’s. Around 9 in the evening there was a line up from the main door almost to the side walk.

Students at James Dunn Hall on the STU campus said that they planned on going to Cellar in the late evening. The Cellar on the University of New Brunswick campus was a busy spot in the early evening with barely any available seating.

But people starting at the bars weren’t the first to start drinking. Some university students were early risers and started the day off with a couple.

Both UNB’s Social Club and Cellar were hosting St. Patrick’s events.

“I heard some people say they started drinking when they got up this morning, at you know like 9 a.m.,” said Kennedy Bowden-Welsh, a residence advisor at St. Thomas Universities Harrington Hall.

Singing, and people banging their feet to the rhythm of Irish music could be heard coming from the second floor common room.

“This is quiet compared to what it was earlier,” said Bowden-Welsh, “a lot of people have gone out to either the bars or house parties, so this is what tonight will be.”

Students in the residence are allowed to drink on the premises, but they are only allowed to drink in the second and third floor lounge. Drinks must be kept in a sealed drinking container.

Late in the evening there were still some diligent students trying to get through the end of semester grind. Whitney Beals was on the campus late in the night because of a STUSU meeting, but she still planned to go out after more important things were over.

“I’m getting picked up here by my ‘party partner’ for the night, and then were going to get ready and go out,” said Beals.

We talked to Bowden-Welsh the next day to see how the rest of her night was. She said that people started trickling back in shortly after 12:30. She attributes the mild night to being crunch time for students. With final papers and exams just around the corner, she noticed that less people were going out compared to the first of the years.