Unplug with your love this Valentine’s Day

Unplugged, packed on Valentine’s Day. Credit: Ben Crouse/Katherine Morehouse

Flowers, chocolates, dinner and a movie – these are all of the essentials of Valentine’s Day. One local shop, however, is pushing the envelope on this day filled with love letters.

Unplugged, a board game cafe located on Queen Street, developed their own spin on a romantic getaway: game night for two. They called it the Unplugged Valentine’s Day Special.

The $100 special included entry to the cafe for two, an appetizer, two drinks, two gourmet sandwich combos, truffles, flowers, and a two player take-home game. Unplugged partnered with two other local businesses to make the package possible: the Apple Blossom flower shop provided the bouquet, and the Chess Piece provided the dessert.

With a limited amount of seating, reservations sold out right away.

Shaun Donovan, manager of Unplugged. Credit: Ben Crouse/Katherine Morehouse

“We originally only had 12 packages. We booked those almost immediately and had to go and ask for additional packages,” said Shaun Donovan, manager of Unplugged. “Now we’ve almost doubled the amount of reservations that we originally planned on, so it’s going to be very successful for us.”

One couple managed to score some seats in the packed cafe without a reservation by accident: “We had literally been talking about it [coming to Unplugged] for weeks, and finally we decided to do it today, but it wasn’t intentional for it to be Valentine’s Day.”

Donovan says one of the reasons the special was so popular was because of its unique approach to date night.

“Couples are always looking to do something different. Lots of people are going to go to a movie, lots of people are going to just a regular restaurant, but we offer a little more entertainment value,” said Donovan.

Love Letter, a two-player card game included in each special. Credit: Ben Crouse/Katherine Morehouse

Part of that entertainment value stems from the take-home game included in the Valentine’s Day package: Love Letter. Love Letter is a two-player card game. The object of the game is to capture the princess’ heart. If the couple happens to already own the game, they can choose another at equal or lesser value, or use the cost of Love Letter as a discount toward a more expensive game.

The Valentine’s Day Special isn’t the first event the cafe has hosted. Every week, Unplugged opens their doors to trading card enthusiasts for a gaming/trading night and to supernatural fans for a game called Werewolf. A trivia night also takes place monthly.

Future plans for Unplugged include creating three escape rooms directly above the cafe. Unplugged presents: No Escape opens in the near future.