Christmas lightshow lights up Lincoln

By Ben Crouse & Katie Morehouse

Christmas lights are being strung up all over the Fredericton and Oromocto area, but one house continues to outshine the rest: the Lincoln Lightshow.

The Lincoln Lightshow was created eight years ago by Dany Falle and his wife, Catherine. The show consists of thousands of Christmas lights flashing to the beat of Christmas music in the Falle family’s front yard in Lincoln.

“Just this year alone we added 6000 lights more,” Falle said.

When the Lincoln Lightshow premiered in 2007 with 1500 lights, Falle and his wife knew they were hooked. They had the “CLAP”, as they call it: Christmas Light Addiction Problem. By 2010 the Falle family accumulated over 10 thousand lights.

Some of the lights featured in the Lincoln Lightshow. Photo: Ben Crouse/Katherine Morehouse

Today, the show is made up of more than 47 thousand Christmas lights, including one nutcracker and three snowmen light displays. The displays move in-time with the music played on Falle’s own radio station that light show-goers can tune into via their car radio.

Falle says that people who see his light show have been trying to give him money since 2007, however he didn’t begin accepting donations until 2011. All cash donated goes directly to the Make A Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization that gives children with life-threatening illnesses and conditions the experience of a lifetime of their choosing.

Dany Falle, the man behind the lights. Photo: Ben Crouse/Katherine Morehouse

Falle chose to donate to the Make A Wish Foundation after his twin nephews needed severe medical attention.

“When my nephews were born…they had a problem breathing or something and they had to send two ambulances from Montreal or La Tuque, which is where I’m from. We almost lost the twins,” Falle said.

Falle has raised $50 thousand for the Make A Wish Foundation from 2011 to 2015, raising nearly $14 thousand in 2011 alone. Donations are made either through text message or in a cash box at the end of Falle’s driveway.

Zach Tompkins has visited the Lincoln Lightshow for the past two years, and says he’ll continue to watch the lights for many more to come.

“I just think it’s good amusement and the kids love it. It’s something cool to see in the night time with not much going on. They don’t do many of these around here,” Tompkins said.

Falle says that he and his wife wanted to create their own light show after watching other house’s show on YouTube.

“After going to Walmart they had a box called ‘Mr. Christmas.’ It was an el-cheapo type of thing. It played music like a Dollarama Christmas card, you know like real whiney music coming out of it,” he said.

Falle ended up ordering his first set of high-grade Christmas lights from a manufacturer in Texas.

Due to the rising cost of power Falle has asked various businesses to help sponsor his show, however no businesses have offered their assistance so far. Despite this, he plans to continue adding lights to the Lincoln Lightshow until it’s no longer affordable.

“I really appreciate people that do come and support our fundraiser and come to see the lights. Every time people say that they like it and that they find it awesome, to us that’s how we get paid,” said Falle.


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