Shawn Goff

Shawn GoffFrom the renaissance city Saint John, New Brunswick, I came to Saint Thomas with a dream. I’ve worked too many jobs and volunteer positions to count, and my final aspiration is to be a journalist.

I admire alternative news like Vice, but also traditional liberal news like the CBC, though neither reflect my writing style.

I am a huge van of all online media. I  binge watch documentaries to gain as much knowledge as possible, to make sure I have the scoop no matter what story I cover.

I’ve covered weird topics such as the video game Super Smash Brothers, and the recent film photography comeback. While others like covering the weather, I love covering niche stories and weird news.

In my spare time I am an archer, a musician, and an avid Dungeons and Dragons player. I am also part of the executive for the St. Thomas Adventurers Guild.